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Dreams From Gin is a performing rock band. If you'd like to use our material in a flash, feel free. I have access to the masters and if you'd like a song edited (vocals removed, or just the guitar track etc) just send me a PM

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DreamsfromGin's News

Posted by DreamsfromGin - August 27th, 2013

Check out our manly Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" Rock Cover. We made it super manly. Enjoy!

Posted by DreamsfromGin - June 8th, 2013

We covered Icona Pop's I love it. It's pretty manly while still remaining catchy. Check it out! You won't regret it. :)

Also if your just tuning in, I'm in a new band now called the spin wires. check out our account here:

Newgrounds Spin Wires Account

Posted by DreamsfromGin - May 1st, 2013


It's been almost a year since an update but this is a big one! I have started a new band called "The Spin Wires"

We have an Unreleased EP recorded and I feel it is some of the best music I've ever made. The music from The Spin Wires is more upbeat and polished sounding than Dreams from Gin. Don't worry though, if your a fan of Dreams from Gin you'll dig The Spin Wires as well...as the The Spin Wires songs may sound upbeat but they deal with subjects ranging from selling your soul, stalking and fire breathing women.

You Can listen here:

You can download it here:


or here:


Posted by DreamsfromGin - May 16th, 2012

We will be entering Black Dog Recording studio this weekend to lay the ground work for our new EP. We have over a dozen songs written but as fate, and his little sister, reality, dictate we only have a budget to record six. However, we are excited for these six and have no doubt that it will be the best recording we have put out to date.

Once the EP is released we will choose a single and begin a marketing campaign. Hopefully one that involves animations, moving pictures and our eventual placement in low quality indie magazine. With a little luck, and some archaic legal jargon*, we may reach the fabled CMJ Charts (That's College Radio Music Charts for you kids in the know).

If anyone is interested in contributing to this process in anyway, artistically or otherwise, let me know.

We appreciate all the support Newgrounds gives.

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*Incoherent rambling

Recording Studio

Posted by DreamsfromGin - October 28th, 2011

Writing new material but nothing new to show yet. Here's the typewriter typography video.

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Posted by DreamsfromGin - January 1st, 2011

To celebrate our new Hooverphonic cover, I'm giving away free Dreams from Gin stickers. This is good as long as this is the most recent news post.Just comment here and send me a message with where you'd like the sticker mailed. Anyone can have one.

Hope this year is better than the last!


Free Stickers! Free Mailing!

Posted by DreamsfromGin - December 26th, 2010

The new album, Distilled, is out! you can get it -

On Itunes



or a bunch of other places, just check google.

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Also, we have a animation in the works for one our singles off Distilled. We will release it here on Newgrounds as soon as it's ready. Lemme know what you guys think. Thanks!

The New Album is Out

Posted by DreamsfromGin - November 16th, 2010

The new album is nearly out. I've posted one of the tracks, Typewriter, here on Newgrounds as a teaser; more tracks and an animation are to follow.

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The New Album

Posted by DreamsfromGin - September 3rd, 2010

It's been quite some time since I've uploaded any music, but a new album is in the works, and it stands to be the most professional and polished yet. It was recorded in Blue Brick Studios, features ten new tracks and is currently in the mixing process. I'm looking at a release date in December 2010.

Things have been good for Dreams from Gin, we've opened for national touring act Local H, and I am set to open for Grammy nominated Chris Trapper next week.

As such, I'm seeking to commission an animator to come up with and implement a concept for the newest single we've plan to put out. I very much like abstract, almost non nonsensical concepts and animations, and I'm excited to see who I can contact and work with.

Also, somehow our music has gotten on to Last.Fm, (a major competitor to Pandora) which is great. You can see the page here -

http://www.last.fm/music/Dreams+From+G in

Also, our facebook for updates on when the album is released and live videos -

Updates and Music

Posted by DreamsfromGin - May 31st, 2010