Free Stickers! Free Mailing!

2011-01-01 18:13:18 by DreamsfromGin

To celebrate our new Hooverphonic cover, I'm giving away free Dreams from Gin stickers. This is good as long as this is the most recent news post.Just comment here and send me a message with where you'd like the sticker mailed. Anyone can have one.

Hope this year is better than the last!


Free Stickers! Free Mailing!


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2011-01-11 13:14:06

Sweet sticker

DreamsfromGin responds:

Your a sticker


2011-01-22 15:25:09

A couple years from now, I'll be able to say "I knew about these guys BEFORE they were popular"


2011-02-07 19:21:32

How come I haven't noticed this post before? I want freee $t!cker.


2011-03-07 18:46:38

yo i would like a to have 20 stickers really bad


2011-06-22 17:54:30

doesnt really sound like grunge, but it sounds good bro!