Recording Studio

2012-05-16 11:57:36 by DreamsfromGin

We will be entering Black Dog Recording studio this weekend to lay the ground work for our new EP. We have over a dozen songs written but as fate, and his little sister, reality, dictate we only have a budget to record six. However, we are excited for these six and have no doubt that it will be the best recording we have put out to date.

Once the EP is released we will choose a single and begin a marketing campaign. Hopefully one that involves animations, moving pictures and our eventual placement in low quality indie magazine. With a little luck, and some archaic legal jargon*, we may reach the fabled CMJ Charts (That's College Radio Music Charts for you kids in the know).

If anyone is interested in contributing to this process in anyway, artistically or otherwise, let me know.

We appreciate all the support Newgrounds gives.

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*Incoherent rambling

Recording Studio


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2012-05-17 06:28:11

I'm actually still working on putting together a music video, but recently I've had a bunch of other projects going on. I'll keep you updated!