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Well Done

I thought the writing was superb, the characters felt very well developed and funny for something so short. The jokes, one-liners and comedic timing was perfect!

I thought the voice acting was good, the quality of the voice recordings as far as "sound quality/mastering" could have been a bit better.

Also, in the future try to avoid copyrighted songs, they can cause troubles down the road. Not to self-promote but Newgrounds has a great assortment of talented artists and songs in the audio portal ranging from Rock to Classical to Piano Bar.

Overall, very well done, I look forward to the next one

Excellent, a twist on the idea of Natural beauty

This is great video, it skips the cliche of nature being stunning and looks upon even the worst parts of humanity as being beautiful. (those being of expansion and humility). The bit at the end where Humanity turns into a alien was a bit of a stretch, and almost cheesy, but besides that, it was great. People wax poetic about nature, and you've made an ode to man's progress.

Best Burnt face man episode yet

Always considered the Burnt face man episodes to be mostly sub-par to your other material but this episode is the best of the series yet. I believe its success lays in the fact that it doesn't linger on a plot line too long like previous episodes. Your constantly bombarding the viewer with new situations, jokes, and turns, while still involving the same character, and every so vaguely, a loose plot. For whatever reason, and regardless if it has artistic merit, it works. Well-Done.

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Not bad

Not bad but it has already been done a thousand times. Overall though, you didn't half ass it, the ball does speed up and the graphics look good, and you do have click sound effects. A good start!

falariem responds:

It has been done a thousand times, yes. But that was kind of the point. I think Pong should be the "hello world" of game programming. Thanks for the feedback.

Great theme, an honest review

The game has great personality; the art, music and voice overs all work perfectly into the theme. You pulled off the humor perfectly. The game play is fun and rewarding, it's a perfect game for a half hour break. However, I will give merit to some of the others reviewer's difficulties.

I think the heart of the problem their having is they may be using laptop track pads instead of a mouse. I found the game extremely difficult just using the track pad, but a perfect challenge once using a USB mouse. Sadly, I think this is resulting in your dismal score. Perhaps in the future consider a difficulty setting rather than nerfing the game for everyone. Overall though, a well implemented game. I'll give you a score of five for the next few days.


Absolute genius, entertaining, cynical, well put together and with social commentary. On top of that, completely free and not looking to make a buck. Kudos to you sir.

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Excellent. This is a perfect song for a winter style game.

Absolutely amazing song!

Absolutely awesome instrumentals. You'll get approved in no time.

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Once again really funny and clever concept, I plan on sharing this.

Excellent Concept

I thought this was very well done. It really parodies the way people expect zombies to be, and how all those zombie survival guides are written, When really Zombies would turn out to be something we never expect.

Some potential

Honestly, much better than I can draw and the obvious Newgrounds fair. I'm not an artist but I would consider investing in a tablet to draw with. I would also considering practicing, taking classes and using websites to study. Practice makes permanent, so make sure your practicing correct technique, do your research and eventually you will see a vast improvement.

Best of luck.

JabberWocky responds:

I got a tablet recently, and I made this when I was like...ten?
Look at my most recent 50 second sketch, it's way better.

Dreams From Gin is a performing rock band. If you'd like to use our material in a flash, feel free. I have access to the masters and if you'd like a song edited (vocals removed, or just the guitar track etc) just send me a PM

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